00 Wolf Among Us

Point and Click Adventure games usually aren’t given much attention when discussing which games are the greatest of all time. Maybe it’s because they’re such a niche genre to enjoy, or maybe because there’s a large number of them that aren’t very good. Whatever the reason, its definitely one of those types of game that CAN be terrible, but when they’re good they’re very good. From humble beginnings as text based adventures to the almost movie like modern day version, it has survived as a genre for gamers who love to really feel like they’re part of the story.

When other popular genres like first person shooters started to adapt a really strong storytelling style, point and click adventures went into a slight decline, though always had their core group of fans. In recent years, it has enjoyed a huge resurgence, arguably due to the interactive elements of Nintendo’s Wii and DS consoles. Also, the ability to release games for online markets rather than taking the bigger risk with a retail version was a big advantage, with PSN and Xbox Live being a new home for a lot of these games.

To further the regained popularity, Telltale Games have been massively instrumental in bringing the games back into the mainstream most notably with their brilliant adaptation of the Walking Dead along with critically acclaimed games based on other popular franchises like Fables, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. The newfound lease of life has also allowed re-releases and sequels for some of the most popular games of the past. Games like Monkey Island and Broken Sword got HD Remakes and Director’s Cuts with the latter also using Kickstarter to secure itself another sequel due for release next week.

Whether you’re a new fan brought in by the quality of the latest Telltale games or someone who has never tried this type of adventure game, we have tried to put together a list of ten games in the genre that are worth your valuable time. Obviously with a list of ten, there were major games that didn’t make the cut. Try not to think of this as a definitive list of games you should play and more like a list that attempts to cross a wide variety within the genre.

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This article was first posted on November 30, 2013