10 Forgotten 90s Gaming Classics We Want To See Rebooted

Because everyone wants to drag Crash Bandicoot kicking and screaming into the modern day.

The new generation of consoles has officially arrived and, as with any new batch of consoles, the quality of games isn't exactly stellar at the minute. Of course, this will change as developers become more accustomed to the fancy new hardware they are tinkering with and, before you know it, there will be a range of games just aching to be played. But, despite what some people may have you believe, graphics are not the most important aspect to a game; just look at Beyond: Two Souls, an absolutely gorgeous game that proved to actually be quite boring when it came to playing it. Gameplay is the first thing developers should be considering when crafting a game and, as the famous saying goes, in order to move forward, we sometimes need to look back; so we have decided to take a look at some of the gaming classics from years gone by that, as awesome as they are right now, would be elevated to unthinkable levels of greatness with a little next gen spit and polish and innovative gameplay features that were not possible at the time of release. As there are a huge number of awesome games stretching back as far as the 70's, we have decided to only take a look at those games from the 90's and have deliberately tried to avoid franchises that have already been rebooted; so don't expect any Tomb Raiders or Resident Evils in here folks. So with that disclaimer out of the way let's dive in at number 10.
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