10 Frustrating PlayStation Trophies Designed To Piss You Off

672 hours of gameplay for one trophy? Hell no.

mortal kombat 9

Acting as small incentives to pursue more and more of any given game's content, trophies often they represent check-pointed rewards, collectables or even challenges to push the player into becoming better overall. But sometimes, these optional goals step too far, occasionally asking that little bit too much and sinking into the territory of just being incredibly frustrating.

Some trophies will forever go down as being abysmal pieces of hair-pulling nonsense that don't test the player on any measure of skill, but on sheer tenacity, asking them weather a never-ending storm of frustrating requirements.

Most of the time, the trophies aren't even that difficult, but they have annoying stipulations that make them a pain to acquire. And more often than not, trophies are so head-scratchingly annoying that you have to wonder whether or not the developers purposefully designed them to be as frustrating as possible.

From setting impossible standards to requiring the dedication and patience of a saint, these trophies tried our patience to the extent where they must be purposefully designed to piss off anybody who attempts to acquire them...


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