10 Gaming Moments To Make You Cry

While it’s socially acceptable to cry at films given how ingrained they are in the general popular culture, the same…

Shaun Munro


While it’s socially acceptable to cry at films given how ingrained they are in the general popular culture, the same cannot really be said for video games yet; if you tell your average Joe that a game managed to reduce you to a gibbering wreck, you’re liable to be met with sneers and ridicule. However, the Nintendo Wii has in the last few years made gaming more accessible to the average punter, and this combined with the more cinematic, immersive storytelling styles we’re getting used to means that video games are reaching an all-time emotional high, where they are finally becoming able to compete with the gravitas present in great works of cinema.

Still, being prolific gamers as we are, we’re a little ahead of the curve, and games have had us huddled into a corner sobbing for years. When we’re active participles in the action, it can involve us more when the story is strong enough, and in these 10 instances, that’s precisely what happened. Here’s 10 gaming moments to make you cry…

WARNING: Massive spoilers lie ahead!


10. Steve Dies – Resident Evil Code: Veronica

The Resident Evil games both before and since 2000’s Code: Veronica have been largely bereft of emotion, but there’s one moment in this game that really still gets to us. Though the game has us largely playing as Chris and Claire Redfield, there’s a third supporting character, Steve Burnside, who we briefly can play as, who forms the game’s emotional core through his connection with Claire. After the pair become separated, Claire arrives in the Antarctic with the hope of finding Steve, which she does in a cell, where he has been infected by Alexia with the T-Veronica virus. Steve soon enough mutates into a gigantic, somewhat lizard-like monster, and attempts to attack Claire, basically against his will.

A tentacle tries to kill Claire, but Steve intervenes and slices it up, causing it to turn to him and stab him through the chest. Steve slowly turns back into his human form as he dies, but not before confessing his feelings for Claire, as she tearfully watches him bleed out. Depressing stuff for a Resident Evil game, which is usually all about B-movie thrills or obscene violence, and kudos to Capcom for trying something different even if they shamefully haven’t tried more of this sort of thing.