10 Gaming Moments To Make You Cry

9. Suicide Mission - Mass Effect 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRHhdc53Od8 Though we were all left somewhat dejected by how Mass Effect 3 screwed us over, there's no denying the emotional power of the second game, which builds throughout, setting up the inevitable final mission that is one of the most bracingly intense finales to any video game ever. Depending on the decisions you've made throughout the game, this final Hail Mary Pass will have either a few team-mates die or your entire team die, and perhaps even yourself, too. What's great about these games is that the characters are likeable and we actually care about them as a result; when they start biting the bullet in this climactic cut-scene, it bothers us, and is a good incentive to actually try and perform all the actions that will ensure full survival. The superb score also heightens the scene so much, and then, finally, when it's all over, you return to your ship to see the number of coffins reflecting how many of your men (or women) were lost in the battle. Terrifically emotive stuff.
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