10 Great Forgotten Arcade Games We Want Revived

3. Xenophobe xenophobe Released in 1987 by Bally Midway, Xenophobe played quite differently from other co-op, side scrolling shooters. It did this by splitting the video screen horizontally into three sections, a section for each player. This allowed all players to play at the same time, but to travel freely from one another, solving a problem gamers know well, the 'hurry and catch up you're getting us killed' factor of some co-op games. Xenophobe was fairly simple-you choose from nine different characters who have at their disposable weapons such things as flame throwers or more traditional pistols. After you've got your character and weapon, it's time to start the game which consists of taking on strange looking alien life forms that come in different sizes/phases. There are 'Eggs'-nasties that look like they came from the sci-fi classic Alien, to menacing tentacle shaped enemies that can prove to be one of the more annoying foes in the game. The object is for all the players to clear the level of all aliens before a clock runs out, again, a simple sounding kind of game-play that wasn't really noticed as boring or unimaginative due to Xenophobe's unique 'three play' and high action factor. Bringing back Xenophobe into modern gaming holds so many possibilities when you look at modern classics (I won't name names, you've either got a copy in your console now or have heard of them) that revolve around a protagonist(s) taking on alien life forms with a weapon in hand. But do we lose what made Xenophobe unique back in the day, the three screen division if a new game was made for today's consoles? I say no. However, I do think if you're playing online with friends (of course a new Xenophobe would have a heavy online co-op online option) you could have the option of not seeing your fellow players as they take on aliens in the same area as you. So that means the side scrolling is kept, you say a side-scrolling shooter won't work? I say it will once we add back all the original characters, all the original weapons and then simply update graphically all enemies and landscapes (which would be expanded). The new Xenophobe, as in the past, would be for a particular group of players, I admit, someone who is a hardcore first person COD player might not have the patience for the 3 screen game play or side scrolling action. That's okay. Xenophobe isn't for them, Xenophobe, like other games that gain a cult following would stand outside other 'vs aliens' games with a brand new, expanded plot line behind the game that would feed sci-fi buffs (the original payed homage to Ridley Scott's Alien movies if you paid attention) and with a fierce amount of action and heavy on the co-op play, I would give this new version of the coin-op a good look. P.S. For good measure, add multiple endings depending on how you took on your foes and how many you defeated and you've got some nice icing on the extra-terrestrial cake.

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