10 Great Games Ruined By Bad Combat

These otherwise great games went and brought a knife to the gunfight.

Tom Butler


2K Games
2K Games

In any game that lets you fight against enemies, how the combat is handled can make or break the entire experience. A game with no plot and bad graphics can be forgiven if it has an incredible combat system. However, if fighting the bad guys is no fun, then it can be irredeemable no matter how compelling the story.

There can be any number of reasons for why a game’s combat can be disappointing. Floaty controls, clunky animations, sloppy movement and convoluted skill systems can all lead to an unpleasant experience. Other times, the actual combat can be adequate, but totally lacking in variety. Either way, it’s hard to find the strength to push through and complete a game when it’s overly light on the entertainment front.

Ranging from duds that could have been great, to classics that should have been better, this list takes a look at games with disappointing combat that otherwise did almost everything right. Each game might be worth a play for the things it did well but, ultimately, every entry fell short of its full potential.