10 Greatest Ever Zombie Games

wd I like to think that each of the games in this article have adequately prepared me in some, way, shape or form for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. This means (1) I will survive (2) I can laugh at all those people who told me to do something useful with my time as they're eaten alive. If you want to be a potential saviour of humanity, it might be a good idea to read over this list and familiarise yourself with these games before giving them a playthrough. Be careful though, some of them require a lot of braaaaaaaaaaaains...

10. Dead Rising 2

dr2 This game can be a bit infuriating at times, and is rough around the edges in regards to gameplay, but it is the potential for fun that sets it apart from the rest. The original Dead Rising was about picking up whatever you could €“ an umbrella, a sandwich board, a lawnmower €“ and using it to wage destruction on the undead hordes. The sequel continues that premise while also allowing you to collect combo cards by levelling up and keeping your eyes peeled for posters - these then show you how to take two items and combine them at a maintenance work bench to make a super weapon. Look at that image above... any game that lets you combine a paddle with two chainsaws to create something so awesome it should be called SAWesome is okay in my book.
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