Everyone has their favourite Pokémon and every generation has a couple of Pokémon that absolutely everybody loves.

Some are loved because they’re powerful, others because they’re cute and others because they’re just seriously cool. To me a seriously cool Pokémon is a Pokémon that looks the part, can fight with the best and has lasted the course of time – which is why this article is based on Pokémon from versions of the Nintendo game that are over a decade old.

These Pokémon have well and truly lasted the course of time and have created many happy memories for a lot of people – including myself. I mean, who remembers playing your Gameboy under a tree in the park? Or walking around the shopping centre with your parents whilst your eyes are still glued to the screen? I remember those times and they are almost certainly the happiest of my life – you know, the times before money, jobs, university, money and my future jobs became more important things than completing the Pokédex. How times change!

Anyway, this article will work on the premise that Pokémon Gold and Silver are the latest versions of the game, because that’s when Generations I and II were at the peak of their powers and in my opinion they are also the two best Pokémon games available on any of Nintendo’s handheld consoles. I also won’t be including any Legendary Pokémon on this list because that’d be too easy.

So, without pouring any more of my childhood memories out let’s begin, here are our Top 10 Seriously Cool Pokémon from Generations I and II…

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This article was first posted on April 8, 2013