10 Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs From 2012 You Might Have Missed

You got to love it when developers go that extra mile to add something into a really great game. Some…

Daniel McMurtry



You got to love it when developers go that extra mile to add something into a really great game. Some developers make you really work your butt off to see or obtain these Easter Eggs.

Others have sneaky little nods to the past games in the series or if it is by the same developer- past franchises.

No matter how hard you need to work to obtain them though- there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you finally figure out how to obtain them. Failing that, a sly smile when you get a certain reference that your friends have failed to pick up on.

The games of 2012 had their fair share of great Easter eggs so here we count down the greatest Easter Eggs you may have missed from some great games over the past year.

10. Classic Gaming: CoD Black Ops II


I’m not the biggest fan of this series but I still play them- it’s always been one of them game series’ where you can escape and just blast away through hordes of enemies, especially in the zombie mode. You can never have enough zombies.

The ever popular multi-player returns for Black Ops II as well, with some hidden surprises thrown in to keep you playing that tiny bit longer. This one is ideally done in a map with just yourself- or possibly a few friends who won’t be annoying and kill you whilst you try and see the Easter Egg.

To obtain the privilege of finding the Easter Egg, you first had to go onto the Nuketown map- which on a side note is one of my favorite maps on those occasions I do play CoD. Once there, your aim is to shoot the head off every mannequin in the map in two minutes or less. This means your really going to have to work for this one- memorizing where they all are and planning your route in advance always helps.

After achieving this (numerous tries/controllers later depending on how desperate you are) all you have to do now is approach one of the TV sets that you’ve seen lying around. The Activision logo will appear on them and this will allow you to play classic games such as the legendary Pitfall.