10 Greatest Video Games Of The Current Generation

9. Borderlands 2

Cyborg Ninjas who speaks in haiku about to slice up a giant insect with an electro blade. If that didn't appeal to you then seek help.

Co-operative game play done right. That is probably the best way I can sum up my thoughts when I think of Borderlands 2. The game is, obviously, a sequel to Borderlands, in which 4 psychopaths with varying sets of skills and abilities tried to take over a planet which resembled a slightly better, colonised version of Tatooine. Borderlands 2 was pretty much a return to the same formula, but with a few differences. Somehow, they were able to add more guns to the game. For those of you who didn't know, Borderlands prided itself on having a seemingly infinite arsenal of weaponry. Borderlands 2 took that one step further and had infinity bajillion and three guns; seriously, how many weapons can there be in a game? The over-abundance of loot made you think why all the metal was being made on processing guns, when surely building facilities and investing in armor would have been much more useful, but it's a game and I shouldn't question logic. The game came to us from Gearbox, who seem to be able to do this kind of game right. The art style was nice too; not going for a hyper-realistic look really made you appreciate the comic relief that came at certain moments, although at times I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Borderlands 2 is a game which, in my opinion, shouldn't be played alone. It really has a huge co-operative focus, and that's nice. As a co-op player, I love having meat shields - er, I mean team mates - to back me up when we're taking on the most bad-ass things on Pandora. The only thing more bad ass would be if Batman was a playable character. Hey, Gearbox! There's an idea for new DLC for you...

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