10 Hotly Anticipated Video Games We Still Know Nothing About

Sometimes, all it takes is a logo to get people excited.

Upcoming Video Games
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Gamers have a lot to be excited about this and next year. After one of the best E3's to date happening back in June, the roster of games set to come is a spectacle all its own.

And whilst some games like Shadow of War have marketed themselves up that wazoo in the run-up to release, others have taken a more reserved approach. There are a lot of games that have been announced and shown with release dates pressing, yet we're yet to learn anything of any real worth as to what they are.

Example? Try explaining Death Stranding...

Indeed, these are games that have been flying under the radar in terms of marketing, but still have fans hyped beyond belief. In a time when we're so invested in games, developers only have to breathe mention of a game's title to set the internet on fire, so it's certainly not surprising just how many games we know absolutely nothing about.

With bombast taking centre stage when it comes to most announcements and subsequent advertising, it's nice to see some games take a more subtle approach. Perhaps though, a little too subtle...


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