Sega’s last console, the wonderful Dreamcast, is home to a dazzling array of classic and popular games, so people often wonder why it ultimately failed. A big part of the reason for this is down to Sega’s previous console, the Sega Saturn. It was ugly, it was apparently impossible to develop games for and it just didn’t have the wow factor of the new kid on the block, the Sony Playstation. Sega were cocky after the success of the Mega Drive/Genesis and they absolutely took their eye off the ball with the Saturn.

But despite those somewhat damning facts, throughout its lifetime the Saturn managed to accrue a library of some of top quality games. Some of those have already found their way onto the HD consoles, Guardian Heroes and Nights, being two of the best examples so far, but if you dig a little deeper into the Saturn’s library there are a few more titles that deserve a second crack. The problem is that some of them look worse than I do the morning after Thursday night work drinks so they could do with a lovely High Definition makeover. Here are the ten best candidates.

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This article was first posted on April 19, 2013