Our beloved and often plagued in artistic gibberish universe of gaming has determinedly taken the world by storm over the past twenty years as platforms and gaming characters become essential household items and names. Gaming has made the world stand up and take notice that creativity exists outside of thought provoking indie films and the blabbering musician’s fog horning on about a lost love or lyrical abuse to an ex who has wronged them.

The games industry easily rakes in more money than Hollywood today, with some blockbuster title budgets rivaling the latest shoulder shrugging summer offerings from the land of the faux, and at the same time trouncing them in their creative, story and entertainment endeavors.

This rise in popularity has caused more focus groups to exist, more official bodies set up and more clueless narking protesters meshing together flawlessly like manure to your shoe to take aim at the industry they have no interest in. It wasn’t long before various government censorship task-forces created a whole set of new jobs aimed at stopping us from enjoying or despising the latest creations manufactured for our platform of choice.

GTAs, Mortal Kombats and most games with gore trying to get a German release aside, depending on what part of the world you reside in, each area has their own tale of gaming classification battles with some digital casualties suffered along the way.

WhatCulture’s own Clare Simpson has already committed a list of  banned films list recently, and we’re now turning attention to the video games that have found themselves banned around the world: some for good reason, and others for far more ludicrous ones.

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This article was first posted on November 4, 2013