10 Landmark Wrestling Video Game Firsts

Wrestling trivia time: 'Create-a-Wrestler' debuted in which game?


Suffice to say, wrestling video games have come a long way since the pixelated messes of yesteryear. Squint at the screen and WWE 2K16 almost looks like the real product, which is an incredible thing to say. Things haven't always been that way, gamers once had to rely on a high level of imagination to carry them through the experience.

Even though graphics weren't anywhere close to the standards of today, there are still older wrestling games that remain enjoyable. Perhaps it's nostalgia that carries people through, rekindling those glorious days when they first popped a copy of WWF War Zone or WCW Mayhem into their console of choice.

Remarkably, whilst graphics have come on leaps and bounds, today's games will never have the true originality of older titles. Everything had to start somewhere, and the wealth of content available to players now was once non-existent.

Features such as 'Create-A-Wrestler', story modes and even weapons were at one time individual key selling points for different wrestling games.

Let's look at those ground-breaking titles, analysing 10 true firsts in the history of wrestling video games...

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