10 Massively Hyped Video Games That Actually Look Pretty Awful

Hype is that brilliant marketing device that companies all over the world use to create a buzz about one of…

Thomas James Hunt


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Hype is that brilliant marketing device that companies all over the world use to create a buzz about one of their upcoming products. And that includes everything from films, TV shows, books, zoetropes or – in this case – video games.

Obviously it’s essential that video game companies advertise their products to the public in one way, shape or form – how else would we know they were available to buy? But the term ‘hype’ – in my eyes – is when said marketing department takes things way too far, usually because companies know that what they’ve created isn’t so much a work of art, as it is a work of modern art.

Here are 10 massively hyped games that – when you look a bit closer – actually look pretty awful.


10. Dead Space 3


Release Date: February 8th 2013 (EU)

Quickly taking a step back, Dead Space has never truly understood the horror factor in its franchise. When you can clear a room full of Necromorphs with a bloody sneeze, the sight of one jumping out of the wall like an incredibly enthusiastic shop assistant isn’t going to frighten anyone. Now with Dead Space 3 coming out pretty damn soon, maybe before I can finish this article; from what I’ve seen so far doesn’t give me much hope for the future of this franchise.

The one problem with Dead Space 3 is the new information about the Necromorphs. There isn’t any need to have more info other than they’re deformed corpses. Explanation is the foe of horror because knowing what, how and who the monsters you’re facing came to be, really dampens the experience; like if The Joker’s true identity was discovered. The mystery of not knowing who he really is and where he came from is a huge part of his character and the fear that revolves around him.

Dead Space 3 has also had a huge amount of hype around its new multiplayer feature which, isn’t like a conventional multiplayer. Rather than having team death match or capture the flag, there is a secondary character added to slightly alter the campaign.

When I first heard about the feature I really thought it was a clever addition, but upon reflection I am confused to why it was even implemented in the first place. Okay, the underlining fact is both EA and Visceral Games want their title to have some longevity which this allows, but because that’s the only reason I can see, it feels needless like the Kinect.

Also, there’s a lot of excitement about the Hoth looking planet you can apparently explore. Dead Space has always been a brown and red corridor fest, so moving the scenery wouldn’t be a bad thing, but this leads me to believe that we are moving beyond horror; and slipping into the adventure genre.