10 Massively Hyped Video Games That Actually Look Pretty Awful

9. South Park: The Stick of Truth

Release Date: TBA 2013 Don€™t get me wrong; I am a South Park fan and even though the show has become more of a €˜pop culture€™ program as of late. And, I am not alone in my enthusiasm for South Park because news of The Stick of Truth was spat out at last year€™s E3 by creators Tray Parker and Matt Stone to the delight of the audience. But the point I€™m frantically wiggling my way towards is this game will be unbelievably humour focused and nothing kills humour like repetition. So right off the bat the replay value has been stripped forcefully away like a sexual predator. And, while it is nice to see a South Park game that actually looks like the show, whether that will work well in the gaming world remains to be seen. Also, elaborating on the humour comment I made three lines ago, I know a fair amount of the attacks are going to be €˜quirky€™ and or €˜comical€™, like bodily functions and things of that nature which, honestly get dull fast. Remember, it€™s a turned based game, so you€™re going to be doing the same few attacks over and over again. So watching Cartman fart in the enemies face will lose its appeal fast, until you€™re left with a repetitive, dull and unfunny experience. Lastly, I find the idea of becoming the fifth member of the friend group rather odd, as South Park has always been incredibly character focused. I understand that having this new member means the player can identify with their character better as they created him/her, but (like the jokes, attacks and story) it all seems gimmicky.
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