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Nowadays, gamers often complain that the industry is suffering from games being way too dumbed down. Of course, we’ve always been a nitpicking bunch. But what’s the saddest part of this accusation? The fact that, the complainers are mostly right. It would be unfair to call modern gaming too easy as a whole, since some games manage to break through and deliver a hard and rewarding experience; but it wouldn’t be a stretch to call it a watered down version of what we used to have a few years back, in terms of challenge and giving you a run for your money.

Some blame it on certain developers for kickstarting various trends, but what we’ll see is that it’s not a single developer (or just a handful, for that matter) that is responsible for the downward spiral that is challenge in gaming. Why That’s what we’re gonna discuss here, my fellow WhatCulturians.

Behold, my list of “10 Modern Trends That Make Gaming Too Easy” (in no particular order — they’re numbered for the sake of it).

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This article was first posted on October 25, 2013