10 More Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

9. Lord Emon (Shadow Of The Colossus)

shadow of the colossus lord emon
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Shadow of the Colossus will be remembered as one of the most beautiful games ever released on the Playstation 2 and a visual masterpiece, but behind the obvious spectacle of what decorated our screens lay a metaphor for the big twist therein.

For behind the massive Colossi sat a massive secret - the titanic behemoths our main protagonist Wander was tasked with slaying weren’t actually bad guys at all.

But that much is apparent when playing the game. The player kind of understands they’re merely guardians of the temples mindlessly fulfilling their duties as keepers of the gate, if you will, whereas Lord Emon and his men are the figures actively opposing us from reaching the damsel in distress, Mono.

That is if you can call being dead a state of distress. Wander is simply trying to revive the apple of his eye, and Emon’s the man standing in the way.

It’s revealed near the end of the game that mysterious string-puller and voice-in-the-background Dormin has been leading us astray this whole time, attempting to piece back together the pieces of his fragmented spirit.

In any case….EMON WAS RIGHT.

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