10 Most Addictive Video Games Of 2017

2017: The best year to stay indoors?

Addictive Video Games 2017
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In many ways it's inevitable that as gaming carries on, the archetypal slot machine-esque mentality of the arcades would come back with a vengeance.

Indeed, we're seeing lootboxes and "Just pay a minimal fee, then you can have a go!"-type systems everywhere in 2017. Everything from Agents of Mayhem to Rocket League has a microtransaction system of some sort - and it's simply because once the industry figured out the psychological pull of variable rewards was greater than the ability to say no to additional purchases, it was off to the bank.

Now, the following games aren't addictive in the assumed sense that those with low self-esteem will splurge months' worth of cash on acquiring a handful of XP boosts. Instead, these are games that are immaculately designed, top to bottom, to provide hours upon hours of pure playability.

Sure, a couple might have a loot system in there, but as many will remember from when Diablo III was riding high and the term "loot grind" was something to be championed, the nature of the mechanic can be a very fun one indeed.

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