10 Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Exclusives Of 2019

The year of Nintendo begins now.

Team Ninja

Nintendo's not pulling any punches in 2019.

With Sony and Microsoft beginning to wind down its respective console generations with but a few triple-A heavyweights left to come, the Big N has already braved the minefield of hardware transition and emerged on the other side with arguably its greatest flagship device yet.

The result of Nintendo's premature hardware jump is a gaming calendar that, for the first time in a long time, is filled to the brim, not with Xbox or PlayStation exclusives, but those of the Ninty kind. It's a glorious sight to behold, not least for those that suffered through the games drought brought on by the ill-fated Wii U, but what's done is done.

Nintendo is back at its best and ready to inundate Switch owners with a year-long monsoon of gaming excellence before there's even been time to recover from the last.

Suda51's follow-up to cult hack and slash series No More Heroes and a renovated Wii U port infused with new content lead the charge in January, with Yoshi's next big adventure, new Smash Ultimate content and more to follow as winter gives way to spring. Several shoo-ins for Game of the Year 2019 are on course to follow that strong start, but until Nintendo's ready to spill the beans, there's plenty here to keep Switch owners occupied.


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