Video games rely on many things to keep their players happy, whether they’re action packed FPSs or story orientated RPGs. A gripping story, intensive gameplay and competitive multiplayer are a few of the things that gamers demand these days. However it seems that with today’s technology, gamers are starting to take graphics for granted with many expecting top-notch cut-scenes, whether the developer is funded by a major company or not.

This article is about cinematic moments in games that have stuck with me, whether the game was released 10 years or a just few months ago.


10. Mass Effect 2 – Dirty Dozen Trailer

Most of Mass Effect 2′s trailers were great, the music fit perfectly with each and every scene. However it’s the dirty dozen trailer that really sticks with me, not just because it displayed the EA symbol the least. It introduces some of the characters, but unlike the other trailers it introduces each in their own environment. Rather than have them all on a ship we see Thane assassinating someone and taking the guards out quietly, Jack escaping her prison using her biotic power and Wrex taking out a thresher maw with nothing but a shotgun and brute strength.

The trailer shows you exactly what Mass Effect 2 is all about and watching Shepard and his team take out the collectors on Horizon in full CGI glory is nothing short of amazing. The final scene of Shepard, Thane and Wrex walking towards the massive Collector ship places this trailer on the list.

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This article was first posted on February 3, 2013