Sometimes video games can go too far with their subject matter, and the characters are usually right in the middle of it. There are countless video games that feature characters doing something they shouldn’t be doing – but only a handful of them can fit in this list of the 10 Most Controversial Video Game Characters…

10. Poison (Final Fight)


Capcom’s beat-em-up franchise has cemented itself as a successful one. But it also is notorious for featuring one of the most controversial game characters in the form of Poison.

In the beginning, Poison was just an ordinary female bad guy until her popularity launched her to “playable character status,” appearing in other Capcom games including Street Fighter X Tekken. But since then, this voluptuous character has undergone a terrible development; she’s no longer a female. When Final Fight was making the jump kick from Japan to America, the developers had to change Poison’s sex in other to get around the touchy issue of “depicting violence against women in video games.”

Unfortunately, Capcom didn’t want to alter Poison’s feminine qualities, and instead transformed her into a “new half.” That’s right, she has a crown and jewels tucked away in there somewhere. Despite this predicament, Poison is still revered as one of the sexiest characters in video game history.

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This article was first posted on February 6, 2013