10 Most Embarrassingly Poor Superhero Games Ever Made

Superman-64-Cover As a kid my two favorite things in the world were comic books and video games. When these two things came together I was usually happier than a fat kid who just got a gift card for Taco Bell. Though, my excitement was usually bought to a screeching halt once I actually played these games. A lot of our favorite superheroes from Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and others have put out some games should never have been played let alone sold for profit. Today we are going to take a look back at a few superhero games that a game creator somewhere should be embarrassed to be associated with. Let€™s begin€

10. Superman (NES)

Superman-NESReleased: 1988 Superman is one of the most beloved superheroes/comic-book characters of all time. While Supes may be awesome but he has never really had that much luck as far as video games (as you€™ll learn even more about later on). In this game the player controls Superman on a quest to save Metropolis from Lex Luthor and a gang of criminals that were exiled from the planet Krypton. Why It Sucks: Why is that video games can't license official music for their games? This game in particular has the most annoying music ever; why can€™t we get the Superman theme music? The controls are horrible and for some reason Superman has an extended conversation with the Statue of Liberty. It€™s extremely random and the game overall makes no sense.
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