10 Most Important Video Game Deaths This Decade

Gone, but not deleted.

Red Dead Redemption Graveside

This might be a terribly sad statement to begin an article with but, death is something that affects us all, and as we sally forth into the close of 2019 and on into a probably more confusing and strange decade, it’s worth looking back at what we have said goodbye to in the last ten years.

We've wished a teary farewell to Telltale Games and Visceral in the past twelve months alone: those two are just the tip of the iceberg of the gaming industry's gradual melt into a pool of a few major conglomerates.

Away from the boardroom, a whole host of video game characters have popped their clogs in the past ten years, not to mention an assortment of about a million unnamed soldiers, goons, henchmen and heavies.

Today we’re going to do the honors and look at the most impactful examples of those moments over the last decade that have made us reach for the Kleenex, pretend we're chopping onions, and generally, get some very wet cheeks.

It goes without saying: there are some *major spoilers* ahead. That's death for you.


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