10 Most Insanely Difficult Video Games Ever Made

Sometimes, losing is all you get.

Super Punch Out

The prospect of a challenging video game is something that most gamers will embrace wholeheartedly these days, what with countless games that "go easy on you" and "give you a break." And that's presumably because developers are frightened that angry gamers will vent their frustrations online and stop other people from, you know, making them a bunch of money.

But it never used to be like that. Game companies weren't always pushing out first-person shooters that kept you on the rails, or games that let you "save" or re-spawn at checkpoints when you got killed for the eighteenth time. There were consequences, and with consequences, there were broken game consoles.

Nowadays, it's all too easy. Still, there's a clear distinction between "challenging" and "insanely difficult," mainly because one of those options gives you a sense of earned achievement, whilst the other sends you into a crazed emotional meltdown. The latter is a category made up of games that just, you know, threw a sack over your head and continuously punched you in the guts and laughed at you whilst flicking the light-switch on and off over and over again.

In celebration of that frustration, these are the most insanely difficult video games ever made. However great a gamer you are, these toxic slices of faux-entertainment probably aren't worth your time. Or your sanity.

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