10 Most Overpowered Weapons In Call Of Duty History

The UMP45 vs. the MP40? Both can get in the bin.


Releasing one game a year since the seminal Modern Warfare hit shelves in 2007, the series' immensely popular multiplayer mode has given players countless weapons and gadgets to rack up kill-streaks and blow away the enemy team with every new title.

With so many variations of guns, launchers and melee weapons that have been created for every game over the years, it's no surprise that developers haven't always managed to balance each one as well as they could have.

In fact, some specific weapons and loadouts became infamous for being completely overpowered. These cheap weapons made the lives of players a living hell (and in some cases still do), with the top MVP of any given match almost being guaranteed to have been using a gun that broke the unspoken gentleman's agreement that most COD players had with each other.

Even if they were patched or nerfed post-release, it hasn't stopped some Call of Duty guns going down as some of the most BS weapons in gaming history. They were great to use, but they also made you throw the controller across the room if the killcam showed you'd been clipped by one.


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