10 Most Overrated Video Games Of 2018

Who thought Spider-Man's stealth sections were a good idea?

Spider Man Ps4

2018 has been a fine year for gaming, and while not quite as spectacular as 2017's banner year for the industry, there's absolutely no shame in that.

Many of the year's best-reviewed games absolutely lived up to the immense buzz - Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Celeste, Forza Horizon 4, Dead Cells and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission to name just a few - but as is common in the gaming sphere, the hype cycle often ran wildly out of control.

It's frequently said that video game critics are too generous with their praise, and considering how few reviewers actually use the full 1-10 grading scale, that claim isn't far wrong.

This can of course result in bloated, undeserved Metacritic scores for solid yet unremarkable games, and at other times critics will simply fail to highlight the underlying issues that should prevent a game from truly earning its ultimate rating.

These 10 games, each of them in the very least decent and totally playable, have nevertheless been excessively praised far beyond what they deserve. That some of them even ended up in the Game of the Year conversation is, honestly, insane.

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