10 Most Overrated Video Games Of The Past Decade

Sometimes the gamers AND the critics are wrong.


The current generation of consoles has been one of the best ever, and the previous one was no slouch either. We got so many amazing games that you could play for the rest of your life and die (relatively) happy.

However there's also been a handful of titles that were extremely well received, and it seems that the games media had donned some rose-tinted glasses when playing them! Of course, talking overrated games can be a hot-button issue, so bear in mind that this is just an opinion. That said, there's a good chance one of your personal favourites is on this list... and you were wrong about it.

Gamers can be, rather ironically, the most pessimistic and optimistic people on the planet. When we love something, we champion it for all to hear, but other times our vitriol runs deeper than the rivers of demon-infested Mars.

Steel yourself, we're going in.

10. Halo 5

343 Industries

Talk about a broken record. The Halo franchise has been spinning its wheel ever since the third game came out in 2007. The fact that Microsoft was happy to run the franchise into the ground while Sony gave studios like Guerrilla Games the opportunity to spread its creative wings, spoke volumes of the companies - though that rhetoric seems to be changing over at Microsoft.

Anyway, many figured Halo 5 would be another step in the right direction after the first decent, albeit safe, instalment from 343 Industries. Halo 5's marketing promised an epic duel between Master Chief and Locke, but that is so far from what we got.

Instead, the campaign was an absolute slog from start to finish with almost nothing in the game mirroring the marketing. The gameplay itself was solid as always, and the multiplayer was tight, but the whole package left a lot to be desired.

Halo 5 holds a head-scratching 83% on Metacritic, but as the devs are shaking off numbered instalments and we're gearing up for Halo Infinite, it seems there will never be a Halo 6, as it were.


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