10 Most Predatory Loot Box & Microtransaction Systems In Video Games

1. FIFA (Ultimate Team)

FIFA Ultimate Team
EA Sports

Onto the game that makes around 1.5 million dollars every day, FIFA's Ultimate Team actually debuted back in another of EA's football games, UEFA Champion's League 2006-2007, yet came into FIFA once CEO Andrew Wilson wanted to trial the feature with a bigger audience.

Naturally the idea of pairing random 'card packs' of players with an entire global audience all striving to have the perfect squad was lucrative beyond EA's wildest dreams, seeing them value the mode at $800 million a year.

Again though, because of the fire Battlefront 2 has started, FIFA fans have mobilised to boycott FIFA 18 as of late. Using the hastag #fixFIFA, thousands decided to stop spending money on Ultimate Team in an attempt to send a message to EA.

This is the first time the company have faced anything close to a major backlash across almost all their IPs in years, and it's all at once to boot. Ultimate Team makes far too much money around the world to simply be overhauled overnight, but if changes can come, fans and readers like yourself will have to keep the pressure on.

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