10 Most Underrated Batman Video Games You've Never Played

An Animated Series tie-in? It's been under your nose this whole time.


Although the common myth is that superhero games were the absolute devil until 2008's Arkham Asylum, the subgenre has actually amassed a rather strong selection of titles over the years.

But the general stigma around licensed games has meant that a lot of superhero releases are written off, long before they hit store shelves (a fate that almost befell Arkham Asylum too, lest we forget), yet upon closer inspection, a good majority of these games are worth revisiting with a fresh pair of eyes.

Batman himself has always had way more great video game outings than the general consensus would have you believe. While yes, it's true that there's plenty of utterly terrible shovelware out there starring the Caped Crusader, there's just as many excellent experiences waiting to be uncovered - you just have to be looking in the right places.

From epic open-worlds that were ahead of their time to mind-bending crossovers you never expected to see, the Batman license has been used in more imaginative ways than to simply cash-in on the titular character's fame.

So, with the Arkham series completely finished and Telltale also wrapping their surprisingly brilliant tale of being the Dark Knight, these are the underrated Batman games you should be getting your hands on.

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