10 Perfect Video Game Sequels You'll Never Get

Listen to the fans? Who'd do such a thing?

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 3

Thanks to being one of the most expensive entertainment industries on the planet, video game sequels are always somewhat necessary, occasionally planned FAR too much in advance and increasingly designed to draw in wider crowds than their originals, simply because of the potential net gain.

Look to the likes of Ghost Recon Wildlands; a game that is by all accounts, "Mass Market Online Shooter: The Game", or Mass Effect Andromeda - something that sacrificed its narrative-heavy focus for a game built around endless side missions and badly implemented crafting components. These mechanics tend to get floated around after copious design meetings and the crunching of financials - the part where any potential 'risks' are minimised, and the end product is refined to the point of being barely identifiable, yet bankable.

As such, there are many games we can look at retrospectively and say how they 'should have' been made - especially when there are thousands of fans suggesting possible rewrites and features they thought were going to be implemented in the first place.

On top of straight-up misfires, there are all manner of cancellations, moments where the story went in a direction that negates the most fan-pleasing possibilities, or perhaps even the developer re-moulding their franchise to serve an entirely different demographic.

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