10 Popular Video Games You're Playing Wrong

Call yourself a Fallout fan?

Fallout New Vegas

Unlike movies, TV and books, no two people ever experience the act of getting through a video game the same way. Although the industry has moved towards more expansive, player-driven titles in recent years, even the most linear, story-based releases often feature completely different ways to play, introducing dynamic gameplay systems that encourage experimentation.

However, sometimes the choice can be overwhelming, and despite the options available, a lot of people will stick to familiar playstyles, rely on habits, or even follow walkthroughs that result in a game being played a certain way. While this familiarity makes picking up new titles intuitive, it can lead to some releases being tackled completely wrong, played in a way that undermines their best elements.

Of course, while there's no true way to play a game totally "wrong", some of the most popular titles from over the years have had their potential squandered by fans not tackling their mechanics in the way they should be, missing out on some truly remarkable experiences in the process.

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