10 Reasons Battle Royale Is Dying

10. Limited, Repetitive Gameplay


While Battle Royale is a fun and exciting mode to get your teeth into, there's no argument it can be become somewhat repetitive over a long period of time.

The thirst to win will always be there and there are few better feelings in gaming than grinding out that victory.

However, there's only so much playing on the same maps over and over and trying to come up with different tactics that people can take. It soon becomes monotonous if you're not in the mood to really give it a go, essentially rendering the format pointless.

The likes of Fortnite do have innovation within the game mode in that you can master your building skills or find the perfect landing spots for loot over time, but there's only so many times you can stand seeing that battle bus take flight.

Battle Royale is a quick pick up and play mode for a lot of players that ultimately frustrates due to its limited in-game action.

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