10 Reasons God Of War Is The PS4's Best Exclusive

Move over, Uncharted 4.

God Of War Kratos

The insanely-hyped new God of War has been out for a little while now, so you've probably had time to make a solid dent in Kratos and Atreus' sublime journey for yourself. It's a little bit good, isn't it?

With an extremely rare 95 Metascore, God of War is currently the best-reviewed original PS4 exclusive title, sitting just ahead of Uncharted 4 (93), Bloodborne (92) and Horizon Zero Dawn (89).

While there is a tendency for some quarters of the video game press to over-eagerly hand out 10/10 scores and rush to declare a game a "masterpiece", SIE Santa Monica Studio's latest truly does fit the bill.

A marvel of engineering and artful craft, it is the rarest of games that aggressively excels in every area, and while some franchise purists may have a few gripes with changes it makes to the prior formula, for the most part it takes the series in an exciting and ambitious new direction...

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