10 Reasons Mafia 3 Will Be Better Than GTA 6

The student always becomes the master. Always.

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So, you might have caught the supremely cool-looking Mafia 3 trailer -if not, check it out below - and been pleasantly surprised. Coming as the third instalment in 2K's cult series, it joins Saints Row as a franchise that began by aping everything GTA had made a name on, before slowly starting to do it better.

Unlike Dark Souls 3 - which proved in its 5-star excellence that nobody does that genre quite like FromSoftware - Rockstar's track record with GTA has been less than spotless. A left-turn in GTA IV saw them attempting to tell a far more serious and nuanced tale about life in America, only for fans to pretty much despise its flat tone and lack of experimental anarchy.

GTA V returned these qualities, but did so to such a weird, opulent degree that every aspect felt fleshed out, yet none were especially original or fun. And the less said about Trevor's controversy-courting torture scene, the better.

By contrast, Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs and now Mafia 3 are the outsiders looking in.

The latter in particular delivered a phenomenal crime caper in its second instalment, and by watching every misstep Rockstar have made, it's allowed 2K's new studio, Hangar 13, to learn from every single one, crafting an upcoming game that should be one for the ages...

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