10 Reasons Spider-Man Is The PS4's Best Exclusive

How does our favourite Wall-Crawler stack up against the PS4's exclusive library?


Insomniac's Spider-Man is fast becoming a contender for Game of the Year, with everyone and their Mothers claiming it to be not only one of the best superhero games ever made, but a must-play of the entire generation.

In the weeks since release, it has found praise not just for being a good game but a truly spectacular one. With Sony's exclusive funding and veteran studio Insomniac Games helming Marvel's most recent foray into the world of AAA game development, Spider-Man's acclaim was almost a sure thing since the announcement 2 years ago.

Now the most recent addition to the Playstation 4's frankly masterful library of beloved exclusives, Spidey is sparking discussion as to wether it's simply another shining example of Sony's knack with exclusives; or if it has the potential to outshine the competition entirely.

I certainly think so.


Note: Spoilers within.

10. A Genuine Love Of The Character

Insomniac Games

Our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man has a rich history dating all the way back to 1962, and Insomniac’s team clearly has its fair share of Spidey fans working on the project.

The game positively overflows with easter eggs, references and collectables that hark back to Spider-Man’s first comic book appearances, all the way to his most recent cinematic endeavours. While Marvel's Spider-Man hints at a wider Marvel Universe (more on that later), it excels at bringing every nook and cranny of Peter Parker’s 56 year history to the forefront.

Many beloved costumes are here in full force, supplemented by original designs from Insomniac, and the three MCU costumes (so far) also join the ranks. Every backpack (possibly the best collectible in any game to date) contains easter eggs ranging from hints at absent villains, filling in the blacks of the last 8 years of Peter's crime fighting career, to nods at previous-best Spider-Man game, Spider-Man 2.

A game that just can’t help but put a smile on Spider-Man fans’ faces, Insomniac have created a PS4 exclusive that is proud and passionate about the history of its hero.

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