10 Reasons To Be Worried About E3 2016's Hottest Video Games

Don't believe the hype.

Kojima Productions/EA/Nintendo

Although most E3 shows leave you feeling giddy about the year of gaming that is to come - even if you do have to suffer through some painfully awkward conferences from time to time (looking at you Ubisoft) - this year's show was an all-time great.

Unlike many previous years which were highlighted by only one or two major announcements, E3 2016 was loaded with incredible new titles that left gamers everywhere feeling positively giddy with excitement.

However, as we move away from the spectacle of E3, that feeling begins to wane a bit. In its place, a dose of doubt begins to set in.

The more you dwell on the biggest titles, the more you start to pick apart the little things that make you worry if they can indeed live up to the promise shown under those bright lights of the convention - or if they'll join a legion of games gone by that just simply couldn't *cough* Watch Dogs *cough*.

I couldn't be more excited about some of E3's hottest games, but that doesn't mean they don't leave me with plenty of reasons to worry...


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