In 1984, James Cameron made a film that brilliantly blended science fiction, horror and action with The Terminator. In 1986, Cameron repeated his efforts with the equally iconic film: Aliens.

In the 27 years since then, we have seen two disappointing sequels and two horrendous mash ups of the Alien and Predator franchises.

8 years ago, Aliens: Colonial Marines; a video game ‘sequel’ was put into development, and for a long time it seemed that the game would never surface, until Gearbox Software took up the reigns to finish the game.

But finish is maybe the wrong word to use. As the game feels far from it indeed. It has its moments, but they are no more than nostalgic Easter eggs and nods to the 1986 hit.

So, sit back and take heed of 10 reasons why you should avoid this game. And pretend it doesn’t even exist, if you can.


10. It’s Not Pretty


It’s a fair point that Graphics alone do not make a game. But in the case of A:CM, they do a lot to break it. It looks 5 years out of date with old texture models, wooden facial features and animations that look jarred and unnatural.

The developers went to huge lengths to map out Hadley’s hope, where Bishop was torn to pieces and even each of the characters’ lockers on the Sulaco- and taken original sound bytes for the motion tracker and Plasma rifle. But soon enough this all becomes irrelevant as textures (including your gun) will pop in and out, and the Plasma rifle itself sounding like its coughing bullets when emptying a full clip.

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This article was first posted on April 2, 2013