10 Reasons Why Apex Legends Is BETTER Than Call Of Duty: Blackout

Battle royale ain't dead yet.

Apex Legends Call Of Duty Blackout

Following a surprise release (that was totally revealed days prior thanks to a whole host of leaks) Respawn and EA's Apex Legends is out in the wild. Despite being from such an acclaimed studio, it hasn't been an easy sell, as even a fleeting glance at the game's description immediately draws attention to some pretty pertinent red flags. Not only is it the publisher's first attempt at chasing the battle royale dollar, but it's free-to-play, effectively replacing Titanfall 3 and progression is built around loot boxes.

However, the developers have actually acknowledged how, on paper, their latest release looks a bit like a cash grab. In fact, the "surprise" release was in part a decision made in order to circumvent the inevitable backlash and let the product do all the talking, rather than the marketing.

That was a a genius move because, despite there still being some leftover resentment that Apex Legends isn't a proper Titanfall sequel, it's damn good, and a real breath of fresh air in the battle royale space. Putting its own spin on the genre's core conventions, the release fits snugly in the sub-genre, but innovates enough to not be instantly suffocated by the big three, Blackout, PUBG and Fortnite.

It's biggest competition is Blackout, though, and while it's early days, Apex Legends might have already done enough to dethrone it as the console battle royale king.


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