It’s now been ten months since Bethesda released the fifth instalment to their ‘Elder Scrolls’ series, ‘Skyrim’. Ten months is a long time in gaming, and with a number of marquee releases hitting the market since Skyrim’s release, it would be unsurprising if players had started to forget about it by now and abandoned their copies of the game to gather dust.

Skyrim has shown remarkable longevity, though, and gamers all across the world are still mesmerised by this latest adventure in a new region of Tamriel. Loyalty like this in modern gaming is usually something that only a few games will experience, and on a far smaller scale than in the case of Skyrim. Its base of fans who are still putting hours and hours of play time into the game is quite astonishing.

But why is this? What is it about Skyrim that makes the prospect of a return to the harsh wintry mountains or sprawling, vibrant cities so appealing? Well the fact is there are a number of reasons. Skyrim’s appeal can be attributed to a number of factors to do with its design, the gameplay and even some factors that are beyond the control of its developers. So, here we have ten reasons why us gamers are still playing Skyrim. How many of them are you aware of each time you dive back into the game? And are there any here that you never realised were influencing you until now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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This article was first posted on September 10, 2012