10 Reasons You're Wrong About Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Think Battlefront II was nothing but lootboxes? Think again.

Star Wars Battlefront II Obi-Wan General Grievous

You'd be hard-pressed to find a fan Star Wars fan who's adjudged EA's time with the franchise to have been a positive one, but slowly, underneath the surface, many have begun to reappraise one of the publisher's few Star Wars titles: 2017's controversial Battlefront II.

The game, developed by DICE with assistance from EA Motive, was pronounced dead on arrival when it released that November, gripped in a furore surrounding the game's progression system, which was randomised, grind-heavy, and predicated almost entirely around micro-transactions. While those criticisms were certainly warranted at the time, a new story has developed in the ensuing months, one that paints a decidedly different picture of DICE's sequel than many may be aware of.

It took plenty of time, but with the implementation of regular updates, a complete rework of their old progression system and several new content drops, Battlefront II is finally winning over fans, to the point that many - this author included - have begun to sit up and take notice.

No one's saying that it's smooth sailing for EA Star Wars from here on in, because things could obviously be a lot better, but Battlefront II is in major need of reappraisal, in a year that could possibly prove to be the title's most pivotal yet.

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