10 Resolutions Gaming’s Heroes Need To Keep

Shouldn’t Mario finally start keeping a better handle on Princess Peach this year?

Robert Kojder


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2014 has arrived and naturally, with the turn of the year, a tide of preaching and self-improvement vows is licking against everyone’s feet – everyone has their own resolutions they will stick to, until at least the end of January. We all know how this goes too; the commitment starts out strong over the course of a week or two and then laziness settles in. Some people just quit on day one, which is even worse, though probably a little more realistic.

Have people ever considered the fact that they shouldn’t make resolutions – or promises in general – that they can’t keep? How often do you just laugh at these people with absurd resolutions like “I’m done eating chocolate!” or “I shall routinely work out at the gym every day”! Just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself and we’re laughing at you, not with you.

Maybe the iconic heroes of the video game industry can fare better though if they put their heart into it. We all know our heralded saviors aren’t perfect specimens and like everyone else, have their own little bad habits. So what’s stopping them from tackling some New Year’s Resolutions? It’s not like they could do any worse than those out there in the real world setting themselves up for failure with preposterous commitments.

That’s what this article aims to explore; how ten of our beloved industry’s best can better themselves.

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