10 Ridiculous Video Game Crossovers We’d Love To Play

Video games can be a risky business anytime something fairly new and questionable is introduced. It can be met with praise…

Jeff Morgans



Video games can be a risky business anytime something fairly new and questionable is introduced. It can be met with praise and approval or with criticism and hatred. Usually with criticism and hatred. That being said, there are many gaming franchises out there that have had their ups and downs, yet still manage to maintain a solid fan base. Some games have stood the test of time so far and are still popular today despite their age.

Characters are also a big reason for a game’s success, as a popular enough character such as Mario could probably sell any type of game he is attached to relatively well. By taking characters and overall game popularity into consideration; I have mixed 20 successful games into 10 cross overs that might sound terrible at first, but still might make any gamer curious to check out.

So here are 10 terrible sounding cross-overs we’d love to play…


10. Mario + Call of Duty = Call of Duty: Mushroom Kingdom


Premise: A new Mushroom Kingdom has emerged, one full of never before seen violence and terror, and only Mario can save it.

Game play: The gameplay is essentially just like any other Call of Duty game, the only difference is adding in unique characters, items and maps from the Mario Kingdom that everyone is familiar with.


In the campaign your goal as Mario is to assemble a team and take on various missions that will lead you to the whereabouts of Bowser and his castle.


Choose any of the Mario characters and wage war in realistic or Mushroom Kingdom maps. Game types, guns, perks and kill streaks would be similar to the current ones in any of the Call of Duty games with the addition of Mushroom Kingdom weapons and perks. Your characters also provide a unique advantage depending on who you choose.

Why It’s A Terrible Idea: Do we really we want to shoot up the heroes and villains from one of our favorite childhood games? Nintendo is not known for overwhelmingly violent games, and this is just spitting all over what they have accomplished with these characters. Some people also hate the Call of Duty franchise for the formulistic gameplay and the influence it has spread over other games in its genre. Adding Mario and his gang to COD would be over-killing and overselling both successful franchises and probably ruin it for everyone.

Why We’d Love To Play It: Combining two of the most popular franchises in gaming history would make any gamer wonder regardless of what the game turned out to be. In this case it combines the standard fun first person shooter game play of Call of Duty with the popular and legendary Mario cast. That’s right, your multiplayer character is now unique.

No more games as the nameless bald guy running around; now you got a whole new respect for your character. Some people hate COD, and some people hate Mario, but no one hates both, which leads the curious fan of either to eventually try out this combined mega-franchise game. If gamers are fans of both franchises, well, consider it sold.