10 Scariest Ever Video Game Characters

9. Adam the Clown - Dead Rising

Let's face it: clowns are terrifying enough at the best of times, as you'd agree with me if you've ever endured Stephen King's IT. If Willamette wasn't bad enough for Frank West, what with all them zombies shambling around, he comes face to face with Adam in Wonderland Plaza. He's started the ride up to keep the zombies away but doesn't take too kindly to Frank coming in and trying to shut it off. He was your stereotypical crazy, killer clown. Freakish laughter, huge painted red smile and goofy hair. Oh, and this guy also loved to juggle chainsaws. His voice in general was just downright creepy, switching manically from crying to a piercing, freakish laughter. Apart from his expertise in chainsaws, he also took a liking to throwing knives at you (as well as balloons with gas in them that stunned). He could breathe fire, too, if you got close enough. His death wasn't much better either. After he had been defeated, Adam fell onto his chainsaws while manically laughing whilst blood was just poured out of him. Just to reiterate: I hate clowns.

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