10 Secrets You Still Haven’t Found In Fallout Games

10. The Mysterious Stranger File (Fallout 4)


This a wonderful Easter egg that ties Fallout 4 to almost every previous entry in the role-playing series, albeit in a small way.

The Mysterious Stranger, a trenchcoat-garbed enigma straight out of film noir, has been showing up in these games since the original, helping the player out in tight spots if they happen to be equipped with a specific perk.

There are few people in the wastelands of post-apocalyptic America who know the first thing about the character's identity, but one who does is Fallout 4 companion Nick Valentine, and with a litte detective work, you can find out more about him too.

Valentine's case file on the Mysterious Stranger is located under the bed in his office at Diamond City, and it's a great read, documenting the arcane gunslinger's appearances as far back as the original Fallout.

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