10 Severely Underrated Spider-Man Games You Must Play

There are some real hidden gems out there for fans of the Wall-Crawler.

Everyone knows that, as superhero games go, 2004's Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in was one of the best examples the Wall-Crawler has ever had. Capturing a simple storyline - based loosely on the events of the film of the same name - and adding open world mechanics to allow players to experience the day-to-day heroism of Peter Parker's Spidey, the game is generally considered to be the most successful Spider-Man game. It also happens to be the one that any new title featuring the character is judged against, with the vast majority simply failing to compare. While we recently brought you our list of ten comic arcs that we think could lead to truly great Spidey games in the future, it's important to realise that Spider-Man 2 is not the only enjoyable Spider-Man game ever made. In fact, there are plenty hidden gems out there that, for one reason or another, should be worth a second look if you're trying to fill the arachnid hole in your gaming library. It's true that these games will never be award winners or Game of the Year contenders, nor will they match up to the satisfactory standards set by Activision's 2004 title. What they will show you, however, is that there are signs of life in Spider-Man's video game future with some great stories and interesting features along the way. Read on, as we reveal to you ten severely underrated Spider-Man games that any fan of the Wall-Crawler simply has to to play!
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