10 Spectacularly Wrong Video Game Reviews

We all know that there are tons of great games out there. And simultaneously, there are a lot of games…

Sam Tuchin


We all know that there are tons of great games out there. And simultaneously, there are a lot of games that are, for lack of a better term, complete crap. And of course, us gamers share our existence with people we call critics that get paid to review those games.

A lot of the time, these critics are pretty accurate in their reviews. But there are always exceptions. Here are just a few examples of those exceptions.


10. IGN – Uncharted II

Mike Thomsen praises Naughty Dog’s work on graphics and animations, but focuses the majority of his criticism on the game’s limited freedom.

What Thomsen fails to understand is that because of the game’s fast-paced action, there is only so much freedom a player can have. He makes it seem that he wants more options of gameplay such as controlling a team (a la Rainbow Six) or interacting with unimportant objects (a la LA Noire).

The fact of the matter is, the Uncharted series is and always will be a story-driven game. Yes, Naughty Dog wants you to be a part of the action, but more importantly they want to engage you in the story. They don’t want to take away from that story with meticulous additions. You run, jump, shoot, and solve puzzles. That’s essentially the premise of the game.

Thomsen ignores the fact that cutscenes exist for a reason – to illustrate actions that the player themselves are unable to perform in order to progress the story. He puts fault on Naughty Dog for this – as if they are the only developers to do such a thing – and claims there is no flow.

He also goes so far to criticise the entire character of Nathan Drake, seeming to be completely ignorant to the fact that Drake is supposed to be the stereotypical adventurer/hero. He uses cliche lines, predictable behaviours, and expected techniques because that’s what he’s supposed to do.

Overall, Mike Thomsen completely misses the mark in his review of the overall gameplay in Uncharted 2.

You can read the review here.