Every generation of gaming creates its own blend of unique experiences that burrow their way into our heads forever. We’re exposed to moments that bring tears to our eyes, anger in our hearts, and even make us mourn the loss of our favorite characters. Moments in gaming where our jaws drop in astonishment, and we realize that what we’re playing is something truly special.

With the current generation, game developers have done away with the pixelated blur of 20 polygon counts, lackluster particle effects, and primitive gameplay mechanics. Now, it seems that gaming is evolving at a rapid rate, and we get to witness each stunning moment first hand.

Here’s 10 of the most stunning experiences of our current generation, in no particular order, for your reading pleasure.



10. Dom’s Death: Gears Of War 3

One of the Gears of War franchise’s greatest moments happens as Dom, Marcus’ faithful friend, sacrifices himself in order to give humanity hope one last time. What makes this moment so powerful is the bitter-sweet realization that he will finally be reunited with his lost love Maria. Combining the powerful conviction of Marcus calling out to his friend, Dom calling out to Maria, and bringing the song that started it all full circle. As Dom utters the lines, “Never thought it would end this way, huh Maria?”, we realize that it had to end this way all along.

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This article was first posted on February 9, 2013