10 Terrible Video Games Based On Movies

Video games based on movies on the whole are, let’s face it, a load of old tosh most of the…

Shaun Munro


Video games based on movies on the whole are, let’s face it, a load of old tosh most of the time, and it’s not hard to see why; developers blow all their cash obtaining the license to adapt a popular film, and have little left to actually pump into, you know, hiring programmers with a fully functioning cerebrum. Hence the reputation video game adaptations of movies have earned as generally being ropey, with only a few notable exceptions, such as Goldeneye on the N64. Here are ten particularly offensive instances of a studio throwing quality to the wind in favour of a quick buck…



10. Fight Club (PS2/Xbox)

Here’s an instance of a developer completely missing the point of a film; David Fincher’s Fight Club didn’t really have all that much fighting in it, and when it did, it served a larger thematic purpose, about fractured male identity in a crazy capitalist landscape. But the game pays no dues to this, instead taking the safer route of the generic beat ’em up, with gameplay consisting solely of a standard Street Fighter-esque button bash fest, until your enemy’s energy bar is depleted. Sure, we have some of the same grotty parking lots and basements that feature in the film, but that’s really about as far as it goes; they couldn’t even secure the likenesses of characters like Angel Face (played by Jared Leto), presumably because the actors knew how freaking abysmal the thing looked.

Oh, and Fred Durst is an unlockable character. A consumerist icon who is exactly the sort of person Fight Club is rallying against. Nice.